"Give Me One Reason" Guitar Lesson - Tracy Chapman

Hello friends,
and welcome to another by request song tutorial. In today's session I'm joined by talented vocalist Stefany Mazor for a demonstration and tutorial on Tracy Chapman's 1995 hit "Give Me One Reason." This tutorial is dedicated to Tracy's rhythm guitar techniques, and the outro riff, check back later this week for a full break down of the guitar solo section. Let's get started!

Complete Tab and Chord Sheet

Lead Guitar Lesson - Easy Trick for Sounding Pro!

Hello friends,

and welcome back to Swiftlessons for another lead guitar tutorial! In today's session I'll be breaking down the concept of "stacking," a simple, but powerful technique used by virtually every professional level guitarist. We'll begin by learning a minor pentatonic stacking exercise, before tackling a blues/rock lick that employs this technique. Let's get started!